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10 Responses to “Metronidazole FOR SALE”

  1. GaBBy--L says:

    ey toni …. estan geniales los aviones ….. en donde tomastes las fotos? :D

  2. Toni François says:

    gracias! afuera del aeropuerto del DF

  3. marco says:

    Estan bien interesantes las fotos !
    haber si luego tomas unos de air france
    esos aviones me gustan muchisimo
    aunque ya se que es lo mismo

    saudos (:

  4. clauw clauw says:

    wooow el infinito del cielo,sus colores y texturas.. emosiones todas!
    ..gracias por compartir

  5. says:

    me encantan ¡ bonito bonito bonito

  6. AMPEG SVT says:

    woorales esas estan chidas… los jumbos siempre imponen… usaste telefoto o con una lente más normalita? saludos!!!

  7. Toni François says:

    pues ni me acuerdo que lente usé pero ha de haber sido un 18-125 o el 85, estaba parada en el puente que esta a una cuadra del aeropuerto, pasan encima de ti los aviones, no se necesita mas zoom hahahaha

  8. GILBERTO says:

    Hola Tony, me super emocionan y encantan tus fotos, aki en cd Juarez tienes un fan, saludos!!!

  9. Djaliel says:

    I signed up for the “challenge” beucase I love Toni Morrison’s work. I know Morrison isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but she is a true storyteller. Whenever someone tells me they are reading one of her books, or rather struggling through, I tell them to hang in there, it’s worth the journey. The Bluest Eye is tough, but there are so many passages that are pure poetry. What Morrison does with words is just amazing. I’m reading The Bluest Eye to be reminded of the pain a young black girl can feel from being unloved beucase of her black skin. I’m reading it to think about how such pain can be eliminated, how a girl like Pecola can have a happy ending, how she can cultivate real, attainable dreams, how she can learn to love herself and her blackness and how we can learn to love her.

  10. Jhea says:

    Many years ago, when I read the Bluest Eye for the first time, it was like reading the diary of my own heart. Though I did not share Pecola or any of the other chectraar’s tragedies, I did experience racism growing up. Toni was able to illuminate and give definition to my experience and the plight of so many black children in America who were made to feel different and freakish at an early age. This book truly articulates what if feels like to be a young innocent trapped in a color caste system, prematurely self-conscious about one’s blighted spot in a sea of whiteness.

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